Heavens or Earths? Lands and Seas? Blood or water? What links me to the past that curves upwards? As a Nigerian and Yoruba Christian, I am drawn in several directions. I am connected to the very short history and longer prehistory of this nation built on oppression and the formal…

The first part of this is a comment to a friend on Facebook about my thoughts on what the Trinitarian Hypostases are. There was a second question she asked, concerning how this works for the Holy Spirit, but my response is too long for thecomments section, so I decided to…

These are the thoughts of a person constantly on the edge of being consumed by an ego reifying self-hatred, who self-sabotages his chances at happiness because he doesn’t believe he should be happy, a person who thinks God is Love and whose conclusion is that he should therefore suffer, for…

“…you mustn’t torture yourself. Nothing really endures, and nothing’s ever as solid as it seems. Surely you know that time is an ocean and history a ceaseless storm, and nations and civilizations are only fragile little fleets driven about upon the waves.” — Roland W. Hart[1]

“But what is left…

All I could do was stare, as the figure fitting a deity walked towards me with the first veil lifted. I became her throne as she became my covering. The kisses were mindless in the manner of instinct. Soon we were divine animals, moving with purpose and reason, towards the heavens.

The next veil, mine, lifted.

Her secrets were revealed to me, and I fell into her arms, hoping to pass the last gate, and be granted the gnosis of spirit flesh. The teasing was unbearable. It opened ever so slightly as my mouth worshipped in milky clouds and mixed lips.

Then, like a sudden fog, I was covered, and I proceeded into a mystery. The voice of Creation resounded in my ears.

The goddess was singing, and I would join in her song.

Jedi Scribe

I'm just a fiction loving theology amateur with a background in Physics, who loves to integrate the fragmented parts of his life into a Christocentric whole

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